The devil is in the details. No doubt, E’s Unicorn Full Nuke Rainbow Extravaganza AWOL Transcontinental bike is every hipster’s secret dream. Tanwall tires, loads of CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black) A Wolves In the Throne Room patch from their latest gig, the brand new Mash cap including the Goatlord and some Suicidal Tendencies, a Swift Industries porteur bag, real Unicorn paint, a Svart Katt and a The Great Escape patch. The POLeR thing. Alfine Di2 hydraulic’s and hey, it goes to eleven. E is not much into the Pabst Blue Ribbon game but the Swift bag would fit a 12 pack or two. The followers of this blog knows that this bike has been around and that E is not only a poser, he also shreds.

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Too bad for the fake takatas

lol dude have you seen all the parts on his car? They’re quality parts. Not sure why he would cheap out on that part? Pls explain how you would know its fake? stussyking

"Fake parts"

Probably not a track car, just a show car. Who fuckin cares?

You’re probably the guy that buys knock off wheels and says it’s okay it’s cheaper to buy another rep than buy a legit set and have to repair it. You’re probably one of the contributing factors of why I can’t get a MHI TD05H Evo 3 big 16g new from the factory for $500 instead they’re double the price now because people sell china copies of them. I care as do many other people that struggle to purchase quality parts instead of a cheap ass knock off. #endrant #youreaBKrandyidkwhyIwastedmytime

^ is he complaining about buying genuine parts??? No ones making you buy anything. If you’re struggling so much buy the replicas that’s why they’re there! Cars shouldn’t be an elitist game, it’s a passion, why should anyone’s dreams of having and building a nice car have to be cut short because parts are to expensive? If you can buy the genuine, props, if you can’t, it’s your car do what you want.

If you really want something you’ll find a way to get it. Don’t cut corners by cheaping out on replica parts.

butt hurt about “fake parts” because most of them work just as well at half the price. your rant is stupid. i cant even.

Oh I’m not butt hurt at all I love my legit takata harness especially knowing it’s not going to snap in an accident since it’s FIA approved material and my legit RPF1s I don’t have to worry about them randomly combusting over a nasty pot hole. Love how the best argument cheap asses come up with is that they’re cheap and they work. LAWL.

Oem Toyota wheels,transmission housings and Rota wheels come from the same plant along with other manufactures. I work with the company that supplies and installs the furnaces for the plant. Regarding harnesses and safety stuff tho that might be sketch lol

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